What is Respite Care for the Elderly?

Respite care provides a temporary break to the primary caregiver (generally a family member). During respite care, another caregiver continues to provide care to the person. The duration of respite care is decided by the primary caregiver, which may be a few hours a day, few days, or a few weeks.

Respite care helps both – the person receiving care and the family caregiver. It allows the family caregiver to relieve stress, run errands and restore their energy, while at the same time, it benefits the person being cared for, as they get to spend time with a different person and experience a change of routine.

Respite care can take place at specialized adult day-care centers, in healthcare facilities that offer overnight stays or even in your own home.

Respite Care

Cost of Respite Care Services

Respite care services are charged by the hour or by the number of days that services are provided. Generally, most insurance plans will not cover these costs. Medicare will only cover for respite care, which is administered as hospice care, so you will have to pay for the expenses using private funds. PACE and some long term insurance schemes may partially cover the costs related to respite services.

Respite Care by OdomCare

OdomCare provides in-home respite care for both long-term and short-term duration. Our caregivers can assist your loved one with bathing, dressing, eating, medications, and other personal needs as required. They can also help with day to day chores like cooking, removing the trash, etc.

At OdomCare, we provide personal care that is friendly and engaged. To discuss your respite care needs, call us on 1-888-504-ODOM (6366) or Book an Appointment for a FREE consultation today!