Independent Living

Independent living communities (also known as senior housing communities or independent senior living) are housing facilities meant for seniors who are 55 years old and above. These facilities allow the residents to connect with like minds while not handling the responsibilities that come with living alone.

Residents enjoy freedom from chores like housekeeping, laundry, lawn mowing, etc. and can travel without worrying about how to care for their homes on the trip. An independent senior living community is for seniors looking for an active, exciting, and engaged lifestyle free of day-to-day chores.

At independent living facilities, residents are free to spend their time as they like and get to enjoy their retirement years with services like restaurant-style dining, spas, pools, gym, laundry services, etc. Specifically, these communities are meant for older adults who can take care of themselves and do not require the services of nursing homes. Social interactions are also encouraged through planned activities.

Independent Living

Difference between Independent & Assisted Living

The most significant difference between an independent living facility and an assisted living center is the need for assistance with activities of daily living. If an older adult is unable to carry out activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, eating, walking, using the toilet, or faces mobility-related issues in their day-to-day lives, they may not be suitable for independent living. Independent living residents are, however, allowed to use outside care services to meet their needs.

Cost of Independent Living

Independent living is cheaper when compared to assisted living or nursing homes. Factors like location, size, amenities, and services together decide the total cost. The average inclusive cost of a one-bedroom independent living apartment is $2,800/month. You can use pension, social security, or personal funds to pay for the costs.

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