Elderly Home Care Services

Elderly home care (also called in-home care or elder care at home) is specialized supportive care provided to seniors at home by professional caregivers. Most seniors prefer to live independently and want to age in their own homes. This choice of lifestyle generally requires making changes to the house (like installing a stair-lift, handrails, etc.) and availing care from a licensed healthcare professional.

A professional caregiver helps out with activities of daily living, which includes assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming/brushing, toilet hygiene, walking, feeding, etc. Every individual tends to have their own needs and requirements, so home care may also include assistance with instrumental activities of daily living like housekeeping, grocery shopping, medication, preparing meals, cleaning, and other everyday tasks. For people who are terminally ill, home care may include hospice care.

Elderly Home Care

In-Home Senior Care Services

At OdomCare, we provide compassionate care that meets your needs. You can decide the duration for which you need the home care service (short-term, long term, weekends only, 24 hours a day, etc.), the time (mornings, evenings or mid-day) and the type of care you need.

In-Home Care

Our in-home care services include getting a complete picture of the needs of your loved one by consulting with family members, nursing home staff, and seniors’ physician if required. We provide personal care that is aimed at enhancing the quality of life of your loved one while protecting their dignity at all times. You will always find a joyful companion in our caregivers.

Our In-home dementia care service is specially tailored for people who have Alzheimer disease. Want to know more? Call us on 1-888-504-ODOM (6366) or Book an Appointment for a FREE consultation today!